ARRL Local QSL Awards Manager in MDC Section

ARRL Local QSL Awards Manager and DXCC QSL Card Checking



Local MDC ARRL Awards manager(s) are authorized to check QSL cards for all W.A.S awards. This can usually be done on a while-you-wait basis saving you the time and expense of sending your valuable QSL cards through the mails to ARRL Headquarters.

The following WAS Awards are available: Basic Award (Mixed and/or Modes) Awards for: 50mhz, 144mhz, 222mhz, 432mhz, RTTY, SATELLITE, SSTV, 5BWAS Endorsements for: SSB, CW, NOVICE, QRP, PACKET, EME, 10meters, 12meters, 15meters, 17meters, 20meters, 40meters, 80meters.

Contact Bill Dobson, N3WD, at or phone: 443-465-6583 or Mail: P.O. Box 922, Reisterstown, MD 21136.

The ARRL has authorized local area QSL Card Checkers to check cards for the DXCC Awards Program also saving you the time and expense of sending your valuable QSL cards through the mails to ARRL Headquarters.

Local QSL Card Checkers and complete details of the program may be found on the ARRL Web Page at: and in the latest edition of the ARRL DXCC List,

Mail-in card checking is accepted, but Bill, N3WD, cautions that mailing your cards to him runs the same risks of loss of cherished mementos as does mailing your cards to ARRL Headquarters.

Local DXCC QSL Card Checkers can check:

ALL cards for contacts with current and deleted entities (countries).

(Note: It would be to your advantage to check local hamfests to determine if an authorized DXCC QSL Card Checker will be available.)

N3WD will try to get to all major MDC hamfests and will also accept invitations to attend meetings of ARRL-affiliated Amateur Radio clubs in the MDC section provided arrangements can be planned sufficiently far ahead of time.)


A 3rd call area incoming QSL bureau has been established, among others, to enable you to receive QSL cards world wide. QSLs cards are forwarded to the below listed address where they are separated by call sign and mailed to you periodically. To take advantage of this free service:

* Insert the 10 envelopes into a larger envelope and mail to:

Fred Laun, K3ZO
P. O. Box 97
Temple Hills, MD 20757-0097

On this larger envelope only, please write in your complete name, callsign, address in the upper left hand corner.

(Note: When the bureau sends out your last envelope there will be a notification on or in the envelope, or both, so you can provide replacements.)

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